We are very interested in finding ways to help municipalities support urban agriculture.

One of the easiest ways that municipalities can lend a hand is through information sharing. Some types of information that we’ve found challenging to unearth include:

  • Subsidies, Tax and other Credits
  • Hard numbers on the costs and benefits of green roof installation
  • Interested building owners
  • Licensing requirements
  • Market research

Much of that information already exists and could simply be moved to an information clearinghouse designed to facilitate urban ag. Other information would need to be collected. Specifically, average retail prices of farmers’ market produce could be gathered by market managers. A database of interested property owners and prospective farmers could be developed for matching as could lists of interested food purveyors. We would be happy to start compiling that information if you’d like to share.

The state tax credit for greenroofs does not currently support rooftop farms. This simple amendment would offer significant assistance to start-ups.

We are currently studying ways for municipally collected organic materials to be incorporated into urban agricultural systems. Get in touch with any ideas, or to hear ours.

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