FarmingUp has spent over a year planning the launch of a high quality, very large-scale rooftop farm in NYC. Farming NYC’s overhead acreage improves the ecological impact of NYC’s eight million eaters while creating critical green infrastructure that leaves our city cleaner and cooler. It creates opportunities for people to see where their food comes from while interacting with each other in ways that build community. Growing food where we eat maximizes flavor and health benefits because after harvest, fresh produces loses nutritional value with every minute and every mile.

FarmingUp’s mission is to make NY a healthier, more vibrant, and more ecologically sound city through financially self-sufficient urban farms that welcome public involvement and make fresh produce as widely available as possible. We will continue pioneering best management practices in this new field of agriculture so that rooftop farms everywhere can grow the best food possible. We are particularly excited to help foster and learn from the next generation of urban farmers.

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